Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2 ( Different Culture )

Posted: Maret 26, 2015 in Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2

Culture is a way of life that is growing, and shared by a group of people, and passed down from generation to generation. Culture is made up of many complex elements, including religious and political system, customs, languages, tools, clothing, buildings, and works of art.

In the Indonesian culture, parents still play an important role even though we’ve been married. Similarly, together with a large family gathering at least once a month as a part of Indonesian society. These habits are quite different from the tradition of French society. For the people of France, parents are generally no longer interfere in her life that are considered adults.

The Time.

Less well-known Asian people appreciate the time, if there is a promise, sometimes not timely, a lot of reasons. Western people do not like if the promise is not timely. Not only promise. Anything related to their time more precisely. Therefore there is a term time is money.


Westerners tend to be individualists, unlike the Asians if Asians, especially Indonesia, the more pleased that remain close to family, friends or others.

The difference in terms of a sense of humor, Indonesia and France have a sense of humor that different.If in France is more intellectual, criticized and can be regarded as a skilful flatterer, as will a thing of which there were be exaggerated.whre as  If in Indonesia happy to discuss various matters ago dihumorkan or made her jokes. There are always new things about humor in Indonesia. Although the state of the nation is sad, people always want to respond with a laugh Indonesia

In conclusion, humor every person is different. Neither the people of Indonesia and France are different in many respects. French people prefer to praise, criticize and mock others. They are very proud of their own language. They always give depth to make a joke out of context itself. while the Indonesian people as a joke that made always based on a variety of things. Start of everyday life, politics, leading people performance, and others. either sad or upset when circumstances.


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